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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Thumbs, May 8, 2009.

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    Would anyone know what the purpose of the Jiffy Stand Sensor is for on a 2009 Road King Classic? My other motorcycles had a micro switch on the kick stand if the bike was put in gear and the clutch released with the kickstand in the down position (engine running) the micro sensor switch would immediately kill the engine. Preventing the rider from attempting to operate the motorcycle with the kickstand down.

    The 2009 Service Manual does not inform the user the purpose of the Jiffy Stand Sensor or of any adjustments to the sensor. Is Jiffy Stand Sensor suppose to kill the engine if the Jiffy Stand is in the down position and the motorcycle in gear with the engine running?
  2. Bud White

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    Cant say for sure as my 08 doesnt have one but i bet thats the point if its down it will kill the engine
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    The purpose of the Jiffy stand sensor is exactly the same as the microswitch you had on your other bikes. However, (as I understand it) unless you have an international model /09 Road King, your bike does not have the sensor.
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    My 09 RK does not have a Jiffy stand sensor .

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    The good and the bad...prevents you from riding off with the jiffy stand down, usually coincides with neutral safety switch to prevent you from dropping it in gear with the side stand down and you along side the bike...:p

    Previous Harleys, you could start the bike in any gear (even with the clutch let out in some cases), bike could lurch forward and go down, not good...! Now the bad...more things to go wrong, you have to remember when starting your bike the right start sequence or you could run the bike's battery down trying to start the bike, if you fail to remember your routine. :small3d023:

    You lose at least 2 "cool" points for failing to properly start a perfectly fine bike! :rofl