Jack placement ?.

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by SeaRider04, Jul 28, 2008.

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    Just got a Bike jack from Harbor Freight, the $80 yellow one, try to place it under my Herritage's frame, fit under while the bike is on jiffy stand ok but couldn't get it balance when jacking it up due to the shocks are on the way and about 1/4" lower than the frame, if I place the jack before the shocks, the front tire goes up about a foot off the ground before the rear tire starts to lift, if I place the jack after the shocks, the rear goes up high before the front tire is off the ground, I figure if I place the jack right across the rear shocks, it would balance right out but haven't try it yet. The question is. Can I place the jack right under the shocks without damage the shocks? (or don't even think about doing it? :D )
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    You may do some damage to the shocks because you are lifting the bike's weight with them. See if anyone near you has the kit they sell for the dyna's that snap over the frame to give additional clearance. They cost about $20 at the dealers and are made for the dynas.
    There nothing more than a piece of channel plastic, but they work well on the dynas.