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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Merlynn, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. Merlynn

    Merlynn Active Member

    Looking for a motorcycle lift for my ultra and really impressed with the JandS Jacks video. Anyone know if it's a good lift?
  2. Retrop

    Retrop Active Member

    I can not say if it is the best jack in the world because I have not owned all the jacks in the world to find out. What I can tell you is that I have owned mine for two years now. I am an everyday rider and the bike is put on the jack everynite for storage, so it sees alot of use. It has not failed once. It is heavy as a battleship (about 80 lbs) and will hold up any motorcycle I have ever seen. There is no need to strap a bike down to move it either. The 4 wheels are big and flat, so it moves and swivels a 1000 pound bike with ease. I like it and would not trade it for anything else. It will no doubt last a lifetime because it is built in U.S.A by a couple of brothers up in Wisconsin (I think) who are riders too. You can buy jacks that cost less but American quality costs more. A jack is invaluable because so many of the maintenance chores require the bike to be lifted up. In addition, cleaning of the bike is made much easier because it can be raised up to the height of your shop stool. J&S uses a foot pedal to raise the lifting arms. There are 4 stops built into the lifting arms so you never have to worry about the hydraulic jack loosing its seal some night and letting your bike come crashing down to the ground.
  3. Bodeen

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    I don't have their jack yet. I do have a wheel chock that I bought from them and it is built like a tank and works perfectly. You can throw down on the driveway or in the garage and drive the bike in it and get off. Great for detailing, washing, oil changes etc. Friendly folks, great service, fast shipping, excellent product.

  4. mnultra

    mnultra Active Member

    It is a great jack. Well worth the money.
  5. hobo55

    hobo55 Active Member

    I have the J&S and it is a VERY good jack. Money well spent. Won't put my bikes up on cheap one again.
  6. Glider-Rider

    Glider-Rider Member

    Can't beat it. Would trust my bike on any other.
  7. sprinklerfitter669

    sprinklerfitter669 Junior Member

    My buddy swears ny it, i am still using the craftsman, yellow lift
  8. SprChkn

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    They are awesome, and the customer service is the best. I actually bought mine in person while on a business trip and got a tour of the shop where they make them. My bike is on it every second I am not riding it. Finally, after about two years, the rubber pads started to wear out. I called them last week to see if I could BUY replacements. They sent me new rubber strips, the loctite glue they use, and instructions FOR FREE and I had it within a day or two. They didn't ask me when I bought it, how old it was or anything. Buy it.
  9. Blue Wide Glide

    Blue Wide Glide Junior Member

    I have had one for probably 5 years, and the only problem has been the bottle jacks leaking oil. One call to J&S, and they sent me a new bottle jack. My Glide spends the winter on it, and it has never sagged a bit (unlike the cheap ones). I use it when doing maintenance and detailing, and it makes the job a lot easier. The newer model rolls around even easier than mine. They are a bit pricey, but as usual, you get what you pay for.
  10. Retrop

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    I did not mention it in my original post above but last week I e-mailed J&S and inquired about buying a replacement rubber pad for one of my lift arms. After 700-800 lifts it was beginning to show some wear. The nice lady (Cheryl) e-mailed me back in 5 minutes and said she was putting two new rubbers plus the glue in a UPS box and they would leave their plant the same afternoon. Two days later I got the box. There was no bill. Compliments of J&S! After two years they could just as easily have charged me $15-$20.00.
    Tell me they don't know how to keep their customers happy.