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I've been battling this noise for a while now


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Good afternoon,
I've been trying to eliminate this noise that can be heard coming from the primary side for quite some time on a 110 S&S stroker build that's otherwise running spectacular. This video does a good job with the sound and also isolating it to one side. I'm hoping someone is familiar with it...

I've tried everything I can think of, even disassembling the top end and measuring cylinder/piston clearance. I didn't use torque plates as I'm in a remote location of the globe where there's none readily available but I will bite out a factory head and do it that way if needed. The measurements I observed are:

The pistons both measure 3.997 half an inch up from the bottom of the skirt.

Without torque plates, the rear cylinder measures 4.002 at the bottom, 4.0015 in the middle, and 4.0005 at the very top, front to back. Side to side, 3.999 bottom, 4.000 middle, 3.9995 top

The front cylinder measures 4.003 bottom, 4.002 middle, 4.002 top front to back. Side to side, 3.999bottom, 4.000 middle, 4.000 top.

TIA for sharing your thoughts here.