It just feels right......

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    Its been about a month since I was able to ride. The weather has just not cooperated for the month of January but after a quick peek of the Northern Virginia weather yesterday to see what the weekend held for temps, I picked up the Heritage last night from my buddy's garage and rode 50 miles home at about 10pm and then another 50 this morning to get to work. I'm guessing it was around 30 degress fahrenheit last night....not too bad but a bit chilly. This morning it was about 28 when I left the house but the sky was a beautiful blue and the sun was shining. It felt good to be back in the saddle and to be able to breathe the fresh clean air again. I ride a lot of back country roads and you could smell the wood burning in was just serene. It going to be close to 60 here today and tomorrow and I figure to put on another couple of hundred miles before the weekend is out....

    Rest assured that spring is right around the corner!!!