Iso HEET??

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    I saw this commercial on TV. Then my buddy started going on and on about stuff like this. It is some kind of gas treatment, an anti-freeze and water remover you put in the tank. It is said to protect and improve engine perfomance, and clean fuel injectors.:bigsmiley23: Does anyone know anything about this stuff, opinions. Is this something that a guy would put in the tank of his Harley??
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    Cant say for sure but chances are, snake oil IMO. Too many bikes running for too long with nothing but gas....................
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    Don't recommend it in your m/c & don't over use in cars. Iso HEET's Isopropanol alcohol which dry's gaskets & lines (along w/water in fuel). Years ago, in older engines, it pretty much was needed to prevent lines from freezing in winter & rid water in fuel during summer. Modern (computerized) motors can adjust for these conditions & fuel additives from refining take care of moisture. Haven't used it in years, but was a staple in my vehicles during MN winters back in the 80's - 90's.
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    I am not familar with this product other than the enlightment that Iceman gave. Alcohol is in fact an antifreeze (if that's needed for gas ? ) but it does not remove water, rather it's chemically common knowledge it mixes with water rather well. Just think of the mix drink you last had at the bar.

    There are "other" products that "stabilize" the water accumulation in the vehicle gas tank if stored for awhile. The ethanol added to most modern gas from the pump causes more water mixing in the stored gas and this can be a problem if you don't run the gas out quickly (or it's been stored a long time before pumped). Stablize means it converts the compostition mix of the water molecules into a form that's more easily vaporized for evaporation out the vent tube and also combusts better while running.

    Some of these other products include Xylene or Acetone which are powerful cleaners to remove varnish gum from injectors. My personal mix I use every chance I get is 1/2 oz of Marvel Mystery Oil included with the reccomended dosage of whatever stabilizer I have bought. (<- this is for a 4.8 gal tank). The old timers swear the MMO lubricates the componets of the fuel delivery system. Some will even say it cures leaking valve seals on a cage but never seen that proven.

    I would never use a product that has alcohol in it, since we already get that in a 10% ratio forced down our tanks at taxpayer subsidy expense. Not to mention it's harder on plastic fuel parts and over time weakens them to crack.
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    Most all additives like this one contain alcohol, you do not want to add any more alcohol to the gas
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    If the gas you use has ethanol in it already by using ISO HEET In essence your just adding more. Before the marketing guys got fancy all that stuff was called DRY GAS, And dry gas attract's water.
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    They push that stuff pretty hard around here in the winter time. Never had need for it though, even when I lived in Montana and it was 30 below zero in the dead of winter.

    I think most of the fuel they sell today has enough additives in it already.
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    Only thing I know about HEET is that it helps cars pass smog.
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    We use it OCCASIONALLY up here in the north in the winter. I had fuel line freeze up once years ago. Rapid swings in temperature cause water to develop in the tank and lines. When it freezes, it's a bad thing.:small3d031: Never used it in a bike, and can't see any reason to. Put maybe one or two bottles in the car during the winter, but that is it. Not made for two wheelers, IMHO.:small3d002: