Is this correct?

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  1. rydahog

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    lIGHT SETTINGS: 3.5 2 2 8 4 4.5
    are these settings from your site correct?
    If so..what if i lower 3.5 setting to 3? better gas? leaner? thank
    2011 sg 96..k&N ,rush 2.25 baffles
    bike runs good,especially near 2600 rpm range ,just lookin for input..thank ryd..
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    rydahog; you must have the GEN3...were these programmed in from factory?

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Hey, I'd guess you can try 3.0 setting on the gen3,,, always turn it back..

    Just wondered IF the gen3's are set the same @ 2000 rpm and adjust the numbers to run smooth????? 3.5 to 3.0 ? does it have the Little increments there also Like the TFI? I don't know... OR is it from 3.0 to 3.5 increments?

    I'd try that and see.. I like to set it at 18/2000 rpm and tell IF rich/lean that way...on the TFI

    Dallas will straighten me out here please.

  4. rydahog

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    yes these were factory settings, i was curious if someone changed their settings a bit, the bike runs fine, i will mess around little by little with the settings, see how performance, gas usage works out,, as it stands now, i have had this gen3 about 2-3 months,, it seems to me, at lower speeds gas suffers, 37-39 mpg...however at highway speeds..65-78 in that range, i get 40-42 mpg.. i have k&n,rush 2.25's ..and the tone is wonderful for me, not abnoxious to civilians, or kids,,:)) (i say that because some have forgotten if we get mom's and dad's mad at us with abnoxious pipes they get the politicians after us and well you know the rest) in any case dobecks gen3 works and i am a happy dude! later all,,ride safe, ride defensive..:newsmile036:

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    Go ahead and set the first mode, Green mode, to 3.0 and your gas mileage will improve. The first mode for the GEN 3 does correlate to the first pot on the TFI and can best be set by holding the RPMs around 1800-2000 and adjusting the Green setting. We do find everyone running right around 3.0 or 3.5.