Is my seat covered under warranty ?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by BigMike57, Jan 19, 2009.

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    While cleaning up the latest foot of snow here in New England, I could'nt resist the urge to go into the bike shed and hear my Ultra run.(come on we all do it LOL) While I was standing there, before I got smoked out, I noticed a small tear in the nose of the saddle. It is about 3" long and is not near any seams. I didn't notice it when I parked it at the start of Dec, but I didn't look either. Does anyone know if H-D will cover it under warranty? I bought the bike in March 2008 and have 19,970 miles on it. The bike is always service at the shop I bought it at and I have had no other problems. Any thought's
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    it's gonna vary from dealer to dealer, but I'm gonna say Probably not. Your dealer might if you have a good relationship with them, but I would doubt that they would get reimbursed from the Harley:(
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    I had a seam come apart on my 08 Ultra. When i initially talked to the dealer they said no but when I was in about a week later (for a unrelated issue) i ran it by them again and they looked at it and given where it was they said it was clearly a failure and warrentied it out. Pop the seat off and take it in. See what they say