Is it a bad idea to leave the choke engaged like this?

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    When I warm up my bike, I pull out the choke and let it run until I feel the heat at the top of the rear jug. Then, I put the choke back in. This takes about seven minutes. Is it a bad idea to leave out the choke like this? If it is, how can I warm up the engine without having to continuously reving it for 5-7 minutes?

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    Enrichener use should only be full on for about 30 seconds, then go to 1/2 for about another minute...but then I push it all the way off and modulate the throttle to keep idle up just a little bit when I motor the time 3 blocks roll past the bike idles cleanly (still a little bit low but won't die).
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    I definately wouldn't leave the enrichener on for that long. To much of it will foul your plugs and kill your fuel economy. I try to use mine as little as possible. You don't have to warm the bike up to full operating temperature prior to riding. As soon as you can put the bike in gear without it dying on you your warm enough to ride. You can also ride moderately for a short period of time with the enrichener still out. Besides, who wants to sit around for seven minutes waiting for it to warm up? Get out and ride! lol
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    Agree w/NEWHD74DAN; on my former 05 XL1200C I'd run enricher full out for ~30-sec & then go 1/2 for another minute. Bike was still a bit sluggish for the 1st few miles, but didn't take long. Not really going to hurt anything...just little hit to mpg & sooty plugs.
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    I agree with the lot - I look at the choke (I call it choke as that's what it does) as something that should only be used when abosolutely necessary. In summer temps, I normally don't use it at all - just prime with the throttle to get it started, set the thumb screw to a fast idle for maybe a minute while I close the garage door and get my gloves on and off I go. In the spring & autumn season, I start the engine with choke, but immediately start feathering it back in while giving slight throttle.
    Needless to say, the first few Km/Miles I take it easy...
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    Choke, enricher, both do the same, increase the fuel to air ratio. use it as long as neccessary to get your bike to run and idle. nolonger than you will use it, it should not harm your bike.
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    Usually on an enricher,,,, Harley has marked the black Knob CHOKE.... Don't know why..

    If your bike REQUIRES 7 minutes of ENRICHER to smooth out.. It is too Lean OR has a intake leak OR something NOT Right...

    I would ask you to think this for a minute....

    Your bike IS air cooled and IF allowed to IDLE for 7 minutes, there are Parts that WILL Over Heat even though the valve covers are NOT hot to the touch.. IT is NOT designed to be left IDLE that long... Just the area around the exhaust ports (valves) will Over Heat BEFORE 7 minutes is up...

    Pistons and rings WILL over time fail Early from the over-heating...

    And Smitty Is SPOT-ON and I would Take HIS statements as GOLD...

    The Owners Guide book that comes with your bike Stated how to use the Enricher, and it does Say the proper way (Maximum) to use it.

    I have always started MY sport and dyna when Cold by Pulling the enricher out and putting it back slowly, using the STAR drag to keep idle up THEN I'm off riding it NEVER more than 2 minutes in total time.. I take it easy and no quick twist of the throttle UNTIL the bike TELLS me it is ready..

    YES all of MY Harleys have TALKED to me.. And because of MY care to them, NEVER a Edited word was ever used..(word Edited was MY Edit)...

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    I pull the choke knob fully out to start but as soon as started back it off until i get a good idle put on helmet and gloves back it off a little then pull off and ride the 1 mile into town once i have pulled away from the junction on to the main road through town the choke knob goes fully in if wife is riding with me it would look a wee bit strange to any onlookers that we are both reaching for the choke knob at exactly the same time
    If you have too rich a mixture it can thin out the oil lining the upper bore of the cylinders this will promote rapid wear in this area

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