is current t.f.i. enough

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    08 electra glide stage 1 air filter,tru duals,bub slip ons,with 2year old t.f.i will this t.f.i. handle s.e 255 cams or do i need to upgrade thanks

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    This IS right up My alley... A BIG YES for the TFI....

    I just did the SE 255 cam Up Grades in my 09 FLHR a while back.. I Have the regular TFI in that bike... Also I am fully stage one..

    I wondered the same thing.. I didn't bother to ask Dobecks ahead of time like you are... Smart to do and I think my Answer is right-on.

    I Changed and FOUND that I only had to turn pot ONE (green pot) down just a little YES I said DOWN (less) on the first pot...

    I asked Dallas WHY and he said that is about the only time he KNEW that you Have to turn it down when making an UP Grade like this using SE 255's on the 96" motor..

    I think the SE 255 cams Closing EARLIER than the stock cams and that is giving a bit More Compression and Low End torque to the Mix along with the ADDED Lift of the valves to fill the piston chamber and also get rid of exhaust is a BIG BONUS using this cam and turning down pot one is needed to get fuel not as rich as needed in the stock HD configuration...

    Now Dallas May want to straighten me out on this but I think I am right.. Close enough to say YES TFI will work fine.

    We'll wait for His Position on this subject.. Being saturday today and He'll be along on Monday or so...

    My answer is YES NO PROBLEM using the TFI... and you also will probably have to turn pot one down Just a "Wee Bit" ("stolen" from fin_676)..

    The LOPE and Idle on my installation was NICE,, Just enough to KNOW I had a bigger cams in the bike.. The Fuel Needed to idle was a little on the rich side so DOWN ever so Little there..

    I tuned Pot One the same way i did the first time I installed it... Warmed motor then at about 2ooo RPM made the adjustment that did the trick..

    Now there was NO evident problem on the TFI OTHER Than Just a Touch RICH after the install...

    YOU are going to LIKE the results..

    I get 40/42 MPG and did same before the cams ...

    I LOVE my TFI.:newsmile092:

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    thanks bubbie for the reply since you just did it how do you like it and tell me what is your take on this. I am just looking for a little more power ,ride two up mostly and do not want to hurt longivity thanks:newsmile108:

    sorry ment to say glad you like it brain is thinking one thing fingers typing something else:newsmile108:
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    The TFI is more than capable of handling your fuel adjustment needs.