Is a Sportster a "real" Harley?

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by oseita, Mar 25, 2009.

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  1. oseita

    oseita Member

    I want to ask everyone who owns a Sportster this question. Have you ever had anyone ask you why you bought a sportster instead of a "real" Harley? I have had this asked me several times. Don't these ignoramouses know that Sportster was one of the first lines Harley put out? I point out the decal on my sporty. It says Sportster by Harley-Davidson. This is just something that has bugged since I have had my Sportster. I am very happy with my sporty and will ride it until either it or me drops.
  2. SledDog

    SledDog Senior Member Staff Member Moderator

    Then don't let it bother you. Who cares what other have to say. Just ride.
  3. M' one.

    M' one. Active Member

    If you'r happy with you'r bike...then what else matters!!!
  4. Bud White

    Bud White Well-Known Member Retired Moderators

    if your happy with it what does it matter ?
  5. Sharky1948

    Sharky1948 Junior Member

    I have a Sporty and a RK. If anyone makes fun of the Sporty I just run 'em over with the RK. :bigsmiley20: Only kidding! I love the Sporty for short jaunts in the twisties. I have to admit though, that the RK is nice for the longer rides with my wife on the back.

    Enjoy your HARLEY!
  6. gs34

    gs34 Junior Member

    Of course it's a "Real" Harley. To suggest that it isn't is ridiculous. :small3d011:
    Hey, after all, every manufacturer has a line of "street & trail" bikes. :rofl

    :58: Seriously though, The Sporster is a fine ride. I know quite a few folks who would own nothing else. :newsmile106:
    Don't let anyones comments bother you. Be proud of your bike. :ap
    It is a genuine piece of Harley Davidson tradition, and will be around when some of the others are long gone.
  7. Dr. Dolittle

    Dr. Dolittle Experienced Member Contributor Retired Moderators

    This just comes with the territory if you're going to ride a Sporty. Sportsters are great for what they were designed to do. Other Harleys are also great for their intended purposes. Too many folks get this all mixed up and try to tour coast to coast on a Sporty or run twice the speed limit through the Dragon on an Ultra. Both of these are possible but it's just not what each bike was designed to do.

    Like everyone else said, if the Sporty fits your riding style and you are happy with it, what else matters?
  8. mnultra

    mnultra Active Member

    I'm gonna' take a stab in the dark.....Are most of these comments coming from people who either don't own a bike or metric riders?

    Sounds like a bit of jealousy to me :newsmile061:

    Enjoy your ride :D
  9. Goofuss

    Goofuss Active Member

    My first Harley was a Sportster. I loved it. I only moved up to Softail because I could not pass up the deal. That and couldn't afford both. I would buy another one. I loved it for around town and the twisting roads. Have fun and enjoy.:bigsmiley8:
  10. STEVE07

    STEVE07 Well-Known Member Staff Member Super Moderators

    When I used to ride a Honda my buddies told me it wasn't a real bike.It was real to me.On the subject of a Sporster,not my favourite
    bike,but Still a Harley and the only one I ever cut up was Richard's, well just because!:D
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