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  1. SpringerSteve98

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    Getting ready to tackle an intake manifold leak. Seems to be leaking at the rear cylinder where the manifold connects. I looked around for a tutorial or link in the self help section but missed it somehow. Just wondering how far i'm going to have to take it down, and what i'll need when i get there.

    I was thinking a new set of manifold gaskets, and mabye some good quality high temp liquid gasket? Also, can i get the intake manifold off from the left side of the bike after taking the horn cover off or will it be best to go ahead and take the breather and carb assembly off?
  2. Bud White

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    ya got to take off the carb and breather stuff anyways ist attached to the manifold and will be a bear to try to do still attached
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    Like Bud said take of your breather, and your carb, as your manifold comes off on that side. You may as well pull of your horn and bracket as it will make it easier to get at the allen bolts for the manifold. I would change the rubber gasket that mounts the carb to the manifold as well. When putting everything back together don't tighten the manifold right up until you have the carb, and backing plate all lined up, so you can get the manifold at the proper angle, before the final tightening
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    Acording to the manual you need a oem tool,a intake manifold wrench or a 1/4 4" long ball end allen wrench to get the intake manifold screws off.
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    Like they said take all that off it aint too bad at all just did it 2 times because the first set i baught was junk after market (EDITED) .
    Went to harley and got oem they where nice

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    Just an update. Got the intake manifold leak fixed, and i figured it would richen up. Just the opposite was what i found when looking at the plugs. White white white... I was running way lean. They looked blackish before the leak was fixed. I stepped up the main jet to a 190 and finally have a handle on my carb problems. avg right at 40mpg (under normal riding) and i get on it every now and then. Tons more power on the top end too. My bike will do 100+mph again! :) I'm happy to have her purring the way she should. But after running lean for so long i've been considering doing a complete rebuild when i get my next big job done. I was thinking cam/pistons/rings/heads/lifters/roller rockers/and an S&S carb... Any thoughts? I'll probably take it in to someone who knows what they're doing more than i do. What should the expected cost be? I was guessing around 4k.
  7. dhorne

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    Around 4K you can get yourself a nice S&S motor I am thinking
  8. Cruiser5453

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    Take it all off, carefully remove the old gaskets, be sure the mating surfaces are clean and reinstall with new gasket, no sealant and torque to factory specs.