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  1. kemo

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    I hate trying to sell something. I have my Buell s3t up for sale. I have a price listed I think that it is priced fair maybe a little high because I know somebody will want me to knock a few hundred off. I expect that I would do it myself. But if you think I off by thousands don't bother knocking on my door, and telling me that you just missed one that was selling for half my price and it had no miles on it. You snozze buddy you lose.
  2. glider

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    I'm with you there Kemo.

    I sell quite a few things from time to time and I just love when you have something listed for less than half the price of a new product and someone tries to cut that price in half or better.
    I recently sold something that I paid $480 and listed it for $225 being it was a couple of years old but still in new condition and could pass as new too condition wise and I had more than one person send me an email stating that they would give me $100 in cash for it. Now what did they think they were going to use to buy it, green stamps or maybe a rubber check?

    Where are these peoples heads.....never mind, I know where they are. :D
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    Somehow people have changed their way of thinking. If they walk into a dealer and the dealer gives them a couple hundred off a bike or 10% off a part, they feel like they got a great deal...BUT...when they come across a private party selling something, they assume that the seller doesn't have any idea of what their item is worth and they can "steal" it. Do people not understand the time put into determining a sell price before we list things or do they assume that we just pulled an outrageous price from the clear blue??

    Sadly enough, these are the same people that think the items they are trying to sell on their own are somehow plated in gold.

    Just my aggravated $.02 worth :bigsmiley19:
  4. Bud White

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    i hate that to also hate when the dealer thinks your stupid to
  5. jims87flh

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    As a used equipment dealer I get this all the time, and I try to tactfully say, "well you should have bought that one". Many times when people say I can get one of those for less, after a little prying, you come to find they aren't comparing apples to apples.
    (Yes, they can get that chinese made piece of junk for less than this fine american made peice of equipment, or they are looking at something much older, and abused, however our stuff is priced at fair market value)

    I try to just laugh them off as ignorant, because if I let them get to me, it just ruins my day, not his.
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  6. Sharky1948

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    What???? My cash is not good enough for you??? :bigsmiley20:
  7. The4opps1

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    People are people, and whenever I try to sell something, I brace for the worst. I do use Ebay a lot, and have sold a few motorcycles and cars throught them. The results were actually pretty good.
  8. fin_676

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    Its not often i sell something usuall keep everything going till the end of its life
    but on the odd occasion i do sell a bike and i set a fair price for it and advertise it at that
    usually people want to haggle the price my response is youve wasted my time and yours and my time is worth £30 an hour so the price has just gone up
    always seem to hit the advertised price

  9. Butch

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    I eBay a bit and 99% of the buyers are are cool, but every now and then you get...

    Guy said one of the parts was broken (a minor part to boot). Replied it must have happened in shipment, send it back and I'd be happy to refund his money (my refund terms in the listing). But Noooooo, this clown only wants a partial refund and gets down right testy when he realizes I'll only make a full refund and no partials. With what was claimed to be broken and his being so adamant about a partial refund I knew exactly what he was doing. Bottom line...he kept all the items, I kept all the money - and neither of us left feedback.
  10. glider

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    Maybe you Sharky :s