Installing cruise on 2010 EG Classic

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by weve, Aug 18, 2010.

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    Does any body know how much labor is involved in installing a cruise control on a 2010 EG Classic The parts and accy book says that you are just minutes away from touring bliss But when I asked the service manager at the dealer ship where I bought it they wanted 2 hours labor. He said it was a lot of work hooking up brake lights and etc The parts book makes the 08 and later models appear to be a simple plug in any thoughts?
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    If you access the P&A catalog via the HD website, there's usually an option to view or download the instructions that come with each part. Take a look and decide for yourself!
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    I had cruise installed on my 2010 Street Glide by the dealer. I was going to do it but the dealer told me they had to program it to work.

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    Real easy to do. I did it myself and then had dealer program it. It is just a matter of disconecting battery, opening the claim shell tracing harness back and unpluging it. Remove old switch housing install new (be very careful of the rear brake light button/switch, they break real easy) switch housing. route harness down and plug in. Reinstall clam shell take bike to dealer and have them turn on the cruise program (40 bucks). Or wait till they have a salle with free install on all parts.