Installing a 2008 6 gallon tank on 2005

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by quiticokid, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. quiticokid

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    Does anyone know if a 6 gallon gas tank from a 2008 screamin eagle street glide will be an easy fit to replace my 5 gallon tank on my 2005 electraglide. Also would the outer fairing from a 2012 street glide fit my 2005 electraglide. Are there any cross reference sites that might answer questions like this. Thanks
  2. Dswartz

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    Although I haven't tried I would seriously doubt they would fit. There were so many changes between 2008 and 2005, not to mention the difference in models between SG and EG.
  3. Jack Klarich

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    A simple answer would be to look in the P and A catalog in the sheet metal and or index to see what years parts may fit
  4. zoood

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    I had been thinking the same. But I was looking at a 6 gallon on a 1993. Bottom line is,... You can make anything work. It all boils down to how much of a modification your willing to do. Also,... ya gotta ask yourself. Is all that extra work worth only adding an extra gallon of gas? The 6 gallon tank mounts differently at it's base near the seat. Since your looking at using a 2008. You should, with mods. Be able to fabricate the tank to mount to your 2005. I dont believe there would be any steering issues or clearance between the tank and the front end. The motor company didnt do any changes in the neck frame.

  5. porterjet

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    NOT from first hand knowledge:
    The mounts are different so some welding would be involved but to paraphrase others, use a big enough hammer and a cutting torch and you can make anything fit.
  6. yellotang

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    That is from what I know as well. There is a mounting difference.