Injector rings/seals??

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    Hi all, I have my final answer on my stutter issues with the bike, found an intake leak (yeah, should a been one of the first things I checked, but new to the wrenching thingy stuff). So, gonna pull it all and replace gaskets/seals and since will have it apart, am going to pull injectors and run them through a cleaner. According to Harley (Destination Harley of Silverdale-real nice so far) there is no replacement part available for the seal rings around the injectors. I spoke to both their parts guy and a mechanic. Was told that the injector ring seals don't commonly fail and as long as we don't bung them up removing/re-installing them then we are fine. In case of an emergency...:p is there a ring size I should look for and where is best spot to get it? Thanks. Almost there.....:small3d023: Oh yeah, having an old wrencher help me with this project.
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    You may find a match for the O rings as I believe they are DELPHI, seems to me you need to lube them with oil when installing them, I bet NAPA or a good auto source could match them
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    19/64" x 37/64" fuel injector o-rings Try this size:s