indiana proposed new laws; go to

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    indiana proposed new laws go to :


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    potential new indiana laws go to


    Indiana General Assembly

    muffler bill proposedSenate Bill 0275
    ARCHIVE (2011)
    Latest Information
    DIGEST OF SB275 (Updated February 7, 2011 12:59 pm - DI yl)

    Mufflers on motorcycles. Provides that: (1) a motorcycle may not be equipped with a straight pipe exhaust system (whether or not baffles are present), hollow core muffler, or muffler that is labeled for off-road closed course competition use if the motorcycle is operated on a highway; (2) a motorcycle manufactured after December 31, 1982, must bear a corresponding exhaust system noise emissions control information label and a motorcycle noise emissions control information label; and (3) a person may not modify the exhaust system of a motorcycle in a manner that amplifies or increases the noise emitted by the motor of the motorcycle above the noise emitted by the muffler installed by the manufacturer.
    Current Status: in committee first house.
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    Guess I'm not moving to IN...this is probably one of many to come...
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    What starts on the West coast will surely come to the East coast. Have said it was only a matter of time.
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    Isn't the govenor of Indiana a Harley owner? What pipes does he have on his bike?
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    He's a politician, he's allowed to break the law! :D
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    I never knew that!:s
  7. Their goal is to have all motorcycles sound like a Gold Wing. Meanwhile the 1500 watt boomer stereos with atomic sub woofers will just continue on.
    We are an easy and popular group to pick on....
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    The unfortunate thing is if they do not get there way the Feds can always come in the back door with the hostage approach of not releasing highway money for the state...:(
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    Maine has a similar law, but not so specifically worded. Every year bikers here hold their collective breath wondering if the pandering politicians will pass a law that is actually enforceable. Only a matter of time I'm sure...:(
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    This gives them one more excuse to pull you over if they want to hassle you!