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    I have read on this any other forums, complaints that Harley should be producing bikes with all available power in place without the need for any Stage Modifications and are tired of being out-performed by the metrics.

    If you are looking to place blame (other than on the regulatory agencies) we need to look inward.

    First, Harley uses a 45 degree, air cooled v-twin engine. Most of the metrics are liquid-cooled and none of them use 45 degree engines. The only reason some are v-twins is to try to capture market share, nothing to do with performance, they were copying "The Look".

    Why is a Harley 45 degrees? Lucky for one, but realistically probably due more to the technology available in the late 1800 and early 1900s than anything else. Easier to do the math and machining on 45 than say 50 or 60 degrees. Another reason could be, early motorcycles engines were placed in existing bicycle frames and 45 degree v-twins fit without a lot of modifications - just a thought.

    Harley tried to think out-side the box with the V-Rod - A 60 degree v-twin, liquid cooled engine. I believe they would have opted for something other than a v-twin if it were not for us, the customer base - Again, just a thought.

    The V-Rod is now VRSC only and if the sales numbers don't improve, is probably on its way out.

    Is a liquid-cooled Ultra Classic on the horizon? It is a safe bet to assume that the engineering and design has been done and there may even be a few prototypes hidden around somewhere but will it come to market? Not unless we let it.

    I have to believe there have been lots and lots of sleepness nights for the execs at the Motor Company trying to decide how far they can push and not loose the brand loyalty. They have to balance the number of customers they would loose against the number they would gain with the technological improvements.

    I think I could live with the liquid-cooled - Putting a fan between the lowers wouldn't effect the astetics much at all. Loosing my potato, potato, potato is a different story. Even though with today's engines it is not recommended to idle them down that low, it is there. Listen to a Harley with aftermarket pipes and a metric and any Harley guy can tell the difference - It is just a special sound.

    If they go too far, I am gone - Not from the brand but from the "new" bikes. There are lots of bikes out there and with the proper care, no reason they can't run forever.

    If you want the company to change things, be careful what you wish for.

    Just one person's opinion.
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    Heck, I sill ride my old Evo, mostly because I dont want a fuelie, or a twin cam, I don't care about HP. I care about the potato and the enjoyment I get from riding my old thumper.

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    I enjoyed your post. I am new to the Harley family but have come to appreciate what a great bike my 09 Deluxe is. Harley's are all about getting involved with your bike. Have I ever really been involved with other brands? The answer is no. I had nice bikes but no real viseral involvement. If you don't have a Harley you won't understand. As I have performed maintenance I have noticed a few cost saving MOCO measures but my Deluxe is 100% motorcycle experience. I rode over 100k on a Goldwing but I don't really remember the bike because it was just a machine with no heart. Give me a Harley with all its' flaws and I will be happy.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    A good observation by ChopperDoc, have to say I hope the V-rod does better and MOCO introduces a liquid-cooled V-rod family of tourers sooner before the the window of opportunity closes. Not too many people remember the original Goldwing which was a pretty "pedestrian" road bike before they came out with the "dresser" full faired version with the bags, which it is more "fondly" remembered with the "works" added in subsequent years.
  5. Jim B.

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    If Harley came out with a liquid cooled Road Glide I'd be in line to buy one.
  6. larryjmiller

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    Let the Execs toss and turn. I have no trouble sleeping. Head hits the pillow and I'm out until the morning.

    I was just out polishin' the LTD and dustin off the King. I must've stood there a good 10 minutes thinking how lucky I am to have a HD after waiting until the kids grew up. And, before I get to old or feeble to handle the almost 1,000 beast. Before I bought the LTD I looked at the BMW tourer and the Gold Wing. Only took a day or two to get over those bikes where I drooled and pined for my hogs and I'm still as excited as I was two years ago when I took delivery of the King after waiting what seemed like an eternity (about 4 months) to get the bike I wanted. I have more miles on my bikes than my cars and there's no comparison between ridin' and driving a car ....Booooooring! Even driving my Vette didn't compare to riding a HOG.

    If the MOCO goes in a different direction, i wish it (the Execs) well. I kind of like the Indian and the Victory but I've seen Indian come and go too many times and the Victory looks a little too plasticy for my taste. Let's keep our fingers crossed (like that works hahahahaha) and hope the MOCO has enough customer base to remain #1 for the next 20 or 30 years. By then, I'll be way too old to give a hoot what happens. Also, there's gotta be a ton of HDs out there. Almost everyone I know has one or two and if not, wants one or two!
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    Chopperdock I read your post with deep interest. I'm on my third Harley presently have two in the stable. I have only been plugged into Harleyland as a consumer since 1994 when I ordered my first Roadking and got into the can for nearly 2 years waiting on it.

    Since then most of the changes HD has done suits me fine. Oh there are few things I don't care about...such as those flat finishes, excessing blacking out etc. Just ain't my cup of tea. Also V-rod ain't my thing. I don't complain, whine and wheng about air cooled engine heat like some do. It's a cycle for pete's sake. Blathering again....I will NEVER understand why the Heritage Softail Springer was deleted. The 1997 to 2003 version. Oh, I'm still in grief and shock about that company move.:bigsmiley30:

    HD is not a big company. Hence I hope the HD Townfathers make the right decisions along the way. Sometimes a couple "knee jerk" reactions can bring down the roof and the walls to.:newsmile077:
  8. ChopperDoc

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    Randall - Thank you for your response. Having owned 30+ Harleys over the years we are in agreement on the Heritage Softail Springer - In my opinion it is, by far, the best looking bike ever produced by the MOCO and to me, has the best ride and handling. It brings back fond memories of my first Duo Glide.

    It took about 2K miles for the springer to break in. Correction - It was more like at 2K miles it did some kind of transformation and just smothed out overnight.

    Ford tried to recapture the nostalgia with the reintroduction of the T-Bird and bombed. Chevrolet is trying it with the Camaro and they did far better than Ford. Harley on the other hand, hit it out of the park.

    Harley Davidson is the text book example of product branding. Look in any man's t-shirt drawer and you will probably find at least one Harley t-shirt even if they don't own a bike. No other company has ever gotten the public to do this much advertising for them and pay to do it. And by the way, have you ever seen a Kawasaki Tattoo?
  9. 01dynaglide

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    I agree about the Springers. Those are some awesome looking bike! Don't understand why they no longer make them.
  10. Springer Fan

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    For those of you who love the Heritage Springer...I have a 2003 with 15K on it for sale. I am trying to talk the wife into letting me keep it and keep the RG we are buying, but no luck just yet. We have our first going to college in the fall and the expenses are just starting to gear up. Anyway, if your interested, PM me.