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    I just got my bike back from a visit to the HD dealer. They rejetted my carb to a 50 on the pilot and they left the 175 main. I live at almost 8000ft and I can't imagine how or why I would need a pilot that large. They went through and installed new intake gaskets and checked for leaks on the carb intake side and there weren't any. I have a new igniton module and coil as well as plugs and wires. The Voes checks out and so does timing sensor.

    I went out this morning to go to work and after letting it warm up sufficiently the darn thing still pops and sputters like a lean condition. I have never owned a Harley before this Electra Glide and to be perfectly honest I am seriously looking at getting rid of it for a Yamaha. With all these problems that even the harley techs can't seem to figure out I can honestly say I am about done with it.

    Would anyone from Colorado be willing to meet up and look into possible problems with it?

    Anyone have some serious insight on this issue?

    Also would like to mention that it does have a K&N air filter. I don't know if that would make a considerable difference to require such a large pilot jet.
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    On my 1992, I never had a pilot jet larger than 45, and that was with cam and exhaust added. Before that, the stock 42 was good. I went as high as 180 on main jet, but that was with opened up heads also. I lived in Florida at sea level.
    Too rich will give symptoms that can be confused with too lean.
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    Breeze and What's his name will look after you
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    Took me a minute on the whats his name....:newsmile100:
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    Whats next... a split personality..:lolrolling.
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    He already has that! What Breeze and wrenchin said is spot on, 50 is to big. I'd find a good wrench(not a dealer) to figure out what's right for your bike. If you decide to change bikes I'd look into a injected one, the computer will make the adjustments for you.
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    Well Glider I see that you are at it again. Giving out good info. Keep up the good works.
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    Ya....Even help with loved one problems....:s
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    Did the dealer Dyno the bike???? If intake leaks were checked for and or repaired you might want to check for exhaust leaks. Check for cracks in the Y-pipe off your rear cylinder. I'm going thru similar issues with my Road King...

    Good Luck!!!!

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    One stop shopping I love it:D #50 is way to big for any streetable riding IMO