In Seattle they run over you and keep going

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    State Patrol investigators have released photos of a motorcycle involved in a fatal collision Saturday and a photo of what a car involved might look like.

    The incident happened shortly before 11 p.m. A Kent man, James P. Suddoth, 57, was riding his Harley-Davidson eastbound in the right hand lane.

    "Suddoth made a lane change into the left hand lane and, for unknown reasons, went off the roadway crashing into the cable barriers," State Patrol spokeswoman Brandy Kessler said in a statement. "As a result, Suddoth was thrown from his motorcycle and landed in the left lane of westbound traffic."

    Witnesses said a light-colored four-door passenger car struck Suddoth and slowed down, then sped away without stopping.

    Suddoth also was hit two more times by two other motorists who stopped, and stayed at the scene. He died at the scene.

    Anyone with information is asked to call State Patrol investigators at 253-536-6210.

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  2. jaceddie

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    Man, I hope they catch them.
  3. PaulWhite

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    What a shame. my condolances to the family, I hope they catch the person and give him what he deserves.
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    unbelievable, i hope they catch the guy and serve him justice
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    I hope they catch the guy also. I was headed to work about 6 am and a truck turns left in front of me I laid my bike down to keep from T boning him. It knocked me a little loopy when I regained my senses he was gone. The one guy that witnessed the accident was too far away to get a license number, but he called the CHP and stuck around to tell the officer I wasn't speeding and the truck was at fault. It did about $5000 dollars damage and my right thumb is still messed up,but I'm still alive. As a side note I had ridden all summer with a non-dot helmet but it was cold that morning so I dug out my fullface chaps,and heavy leather jacket. The last roll I did as I landed on my head I thought I'm sure glad I have THIS helmet on.(sorry for the long post)