I'm so stupid sometimes...

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    I stopped by my local dealer yesterday; was looking to purchase a 3 pocket windshield pouch. After looking around I ended up purchasing the pouch, also a rider's backrest and the adjustable mounting bracket. So, ended up walking out the with approximately $400.00 less than I walked in with. Isn't that the way it goes?!

    Anyway, I get home and begin installing my new items. The pouch installs without issue and looks slick. I had this setup on my Fatboy (windshield) and really enjoyed having that little extra storage spot. It was a good add-on for the 2011 SG I just purchased.

    Next task was to install the riders backrest and adjustable mounting bracket. I proceed to take off the seat, saddle bags and side covers. The bracket went on well and fitment is solid.

    During the process of test fitting the adjustable switch, while tightening a screw, the screw made a small crack in the face plate - which is made of plastic?? WHY on earth would this be plastic?? Anyway, I break out the Superglue and dab a small amount on the face place. For the next few hours I work on a few other items. I check the face plate and the bond is solid and things are good; I had set the Superglue aside.

    After getting all items mounted, I wanted to test fit the setup with the rider's seat in place. When I grabbed the ride's backrest I noticed it was slightly attached to the cardboard it was sitting on. Unfortunately the Suplerglue had leaked and a small amount had formed a bond between the backrest and cardboard.

    I tried using nail polish nd ice to remove the Superglue, but no luck. The backrest isn't ruined, but it ticks me off to say the least. Not more than a few hours prior I shelled out $90.00 - and I messed it up. Oh well....had to rant a bit.
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    Don't be to hard on yourself. We have all made mistakes like that. But it still stinks!!!!!:)
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    Dont worry we all do stupid things once in awhile. At least you can still use the backrest. I remember one time I bought a turn signal relocation kit for the bike and somehow ended up throwing it away before I could install it!!! How it ended up in the trash can is beyond me but lets just say I had to go back for another one. That's just the way it goes sometimes.
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    For 400.00 you got some sweet new gear to dress up and comfortize (new word) your bike, you also get a neat story that will live on withthe bike. :s
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    Could've been worse...some of us have superglued a few fingers together - you know who you are (me included). ;)
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    DOH!!!! :swoon
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    True story. I now someone that had some SG in the medicine cupbord next to the eye drops, and yes "it happened" and he does not like it when we bring it up.
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    OMG! How did that turn out? No names, but hopefully a happy ending!
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    A trip to the ER, and his shame was the only lasting injury.