I'm Smiling Big Time!

Discussion in 'General OFF TOPIC' started by Joyflyin, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. Joyflyin

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    I got in from work this afternoon, and was going to go for a ride. I came home and our garage door was wide open & hubby was gone. :O Our garage door does that occasionally, can't seem to figure that out, but since we have great neighbors, I wasn't too concerned. Everything was in order. I walked next door & was chatting with the neighbors about his new truck, and 4 young guys rode in on motorcycles. Well, John & Sue said 'Joy has a nice bike, you guys should go ride with her.' Well, since hubby is gone, and it is more fun to ride with people, I said, 'give me 7 minutes & I'll be ready.' :D

    They went down and picked up another guy then came back by, I jumped on the bike & we took off. :) I rode 60 miles with these guys & didn't even know their names. We had a great ride. I got back to the house, and walked back over to the neighbors' house and said, so who were those kids? :D Sue said, 2 of them were her nephews, did you guys have fun? I was like yeah, it was a great ride! I gave the one guy our card & told him to call me anytime they were going out.

    Sometimes, you just need a motivator, & it is just plain old fun when you go out with people who grew up in the area & know good loops and routes. Part of my problem is, I don't know enough about where to turn & which route to take to make the most of the outing. :s

    I did find out 2 of their names though. I'm sure we will have more fun down the road! But for now, I am on the good ride high, sitting back enjoying the storm.
  2. lorne

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    glad you have a good time. i have been there myself a few times meet someone on the road ride a couple hundred miles before you know their names...

    glad to see you back on the forum, hope all is well
  3. FerrousBueller

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    Hold on now, just a minute, back up the bike! I'm having a little trouble with this story!

    You "claim" it takes you 7 minutes to gear up and be ready for a ride? It takes me at least 9.

    I'm just kiddin' around with you, however, I am glad to see you post something!

  4. Sunnysideup

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    There is just something about riding a motorcycle you just can't get on 4 wheels. Shelby Mustangs, convertibles, classic corvettes.......just nothing compares. Then get to share it with other people...yes a fantastic feeling that stays with you.
  5. Joyflyin

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    LOL, yeah, the hubby didn't believe that either! :D But I was ready in about 7 minutes. :D
  6. oldhippie

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    Glad you had a good ride.:cheers
  7. Jack Klarich

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    That must be some kind of new record, :p It is good you had such a great ride and made new friends
  8. lorne

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    wow joy you could run a school for other spouses on how to .......ooops inside voice...:p