I'm not into racing, But had to try it!

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by ron1978, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. ron1978

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    I currently have a 2005 RKC bike, stage 1 ,full true dual exhaust,,
    v&h fuel pac, TC88 MOTOR

    my Buddys has a 2010 SG with , stage 1, 2 into 1 v&h highout slipon,
    with 96" motor

    he wanted to see what $450.00 worth of add-ons done for his bike
    that was what stage 1 cost, ecm download and SE airfilter.

    we were rolling start 1st gear ,,we made rule no fast that 90 mph on long strip of road, we started the same time and at 90Mph he was 2 full bike lengths ahead of me, so thats a close comparison of the 2 motors.

    both modded. maybe this will help others if your wondering about the motor difference.

    p.s there were no missed gears or half throttles, it was all out!

    i forgot, i also have a leather tourpac, which weighs around 50 lbs, loaded which it has all my leather in it.
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  2. HDDon

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    Rule of thumb is 10lb=1hp. If your buddy did not have the extra 50lb, your extra 5hp might have evened things out more.
  3. ron1978

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    might have!

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  4. SeaRider04

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    So... Is that means.....not worth of trading it up for the 96?. Reason I ask, I've been dancing around the idea of trading mine up ( Heritage Classic 88 w/stage 1 and TFI) for a 2011 SG, between the 96 and 103, I'm not sure yet, waiting for weather clearing up a bit the I can do a ride test on both. I'm not into racing either, just want a bigger bike with little more ummpp than what I have.
  5. Admiral Nelson

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    I have a 96 Street Bob and the bike is considerably lighter than yours. The bike is plenty loud enough and not worth £1000 to have it stage 1d. I may fit skip ons for improved sound but engine improvements are not worth it.

    I bought my bike to cruise - not to race, trading in my Daytona 675 for a Harley. Am I missing something? :D

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    People upgrade their H-D rides for a variety of reasons. Performance upgrades CAN be the most expensive, taking lots of time, research and shop labor. If you go strictly by the numbers, going from stock machine to some level of performance is NOT proportional to the dollars involved. Kind of like saying music does not contribute to your life span...that really depends on the listener and participation effort.

    $1800 USD is a lot of money for 10 HP & TQ, "by the numbers". But reality is 10% or 15% improvement is not necessarily a bad investment based on MSRP IF the SMILES PER MILE are amortized over the same! That is why it is so rare to see a "virgin" H-D or any other valued item of worth by the rider, be they new or old.
  7. dbmg

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    Since owning a Harley for the last 3 years I have to agree. I have had many very fast metric bikes in the past. My 2008 Electra has enough grunt and get up and go that I can not understand the additional cost of getting a 103 in a new bike.
  8. Jack Klarich

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    With the price of gas going up every day, I say lets just ride them and save the horse power for the track JMO