Ignition/Turn signal trouble

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by hookemgc, May 24, 2008.

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    Hello! My buddy has a 2001 Low Rider. He has attempted to install chrome switchhousings and a chrome master cylinder cover. In the process he decided to run his wiring through the bars... Probably not a good idea! We seem to have horn, headlight, bright light and brake light. No turn signals and no fire to the ignition. I think we should pull everything appart and start over. He thinks the problem has to be somewhere on the right side. Any ideas?

  2. cdn-bigfoot

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    Signals are obviously wired wrong. Check the ground wires with a meter.

    As far as the engine problem. Have you tried starting the engine with the kill switch in the "off" position? If it runs in that mode he may have flipped the switch over in the housing. Regardless it sounds like a kill switch problem.
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    With the problems you describe, it sounds to me like both sides have a problem. Best bet would be to get the manual and trace the wires one at a time to see where the hookup went wrong.
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    Look for a pinched wire under the housings. I know from experience that it is a tight fit, and the wires have to be in there just right. :D Back from my days of the school of hard knocks, before I discovered I should study first!

    If you loosen the housings, things may start working and that could narrow down the search. I didn't change my routing for the wires, but I did pinch the ignition wire. Don't worry Glider, called hubby to come back with the right tools and repaired the wire correctly with solder & heat shrink. Was more careful the second time around.
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    Truly spoken like a professional Joy:D