Ignition System: Upgrade, Why?

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by DDogg, Jan 23, 2009.

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    I have an 08 FatBob. Taking it to a Stage one with Screaming Eagle A/C and Kromewerks slipons. I'm looking in the Screaming Eagle Catalog and they have a Street Legal Ignition System. Would I want to change this at the same time I change to a Stage One? Why would you want a different ignition system? What benefit would my bike achieve? Is it worth it? Any comments would be appreciated.

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    Unnecessary to change ignition system for Stage I, the upgrade allows the EPA strangled engine to breathe and will not affect long term reliablity of your hardware with a 10-12 HP bonus (about 10-15% increase in power).

    Keep it simple and close to "stock" for now, your wallet will thank you, but from the money you save you may want to perform comfort and handling mods. :newsmile01:
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    As NEWHD74FAN points out, you don't need to "up-grade" your ignition system. But Stage 1 does allow your beast to breath easier, and with that she will need more fuel (more air, more fuel) so that she does not dry out too much. So you do need to do something about that. You can let the Dealership "remap" the system based on your up-grades, or you can get a fuel manager that is user friendly enough to do on your own. Check this out:

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