Ignition Short any input

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    Ok i thought I had an alarm issue but after much reading here.... I checked all my fuses and there it was blown ignition fuse. The Apes have been on for months but haven't fired up the bike cause I was working other issues ,,,, everything was electrically working till 4 days ago an then nothing. initial troubleshooting indicates a short in the run/kill switch.... i flip the switch the fuse pops. So looks like the tank is coming back off to shoot wires. Any one remember the colors to the switch ? Yes I have a shop manual I'm being lazy ... If anyone has had a similar problem let me know how you resolved it.

    2010 Fatboy Lo
  2. gator508

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    This sounds like a situation I had when I changed out my grips. I had pinched the wire to the run/kill switch between the halves of the housing, blew a fuse immediately when I hit the switch.
    I'm guessing when you put on the apes you had to get in the housings, so maybe check to see if you have a wire pinched.
    Others members more experienced with this may have other suggestions. Good luck!
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    Check the handle bar first , that's the last place wire can get easly pinched.:57: