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    Need to install a new set of points in my 79 FLH. The factory manual does not tell how its done, it had electronic ignition originally. Need help on setting them,I know you set them at 0.18 but don't know which lobe to use or whatever. Would be grateful for any help. Thanks.
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    If you rotate the engine until the points rubbing block is on the highest point of the lobe, that's where you adjust the air gap.

    One way I found of fine tuning the points after they have been run in for a few miles is with a dwell meter.

    This is how I do it.
    Set with a feeler gauge to the .018 and then after a bit of running, hook up the dwell meter to the points wire and the other to a ground. Start the bike and adjust the points using the 4 cylinder scale as a reference scale and adjust to 1/2 the figure or 32* on that scale. It makes for easy starting and good running, then adjust your timing after this.

    It's very accurate doing it this way and it takes all the human error features out of the equation, they are set electronically then.
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    Make sure you clean any residue off the points after you install and gap them so they dont premature arc and burn :s and lube the rubbing block:s
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    I have a 1988 heritage that someone converted to a point system. I don't have the money to change back to electronic at this time. I was taking the point system apart and forgot to mark the rotor position when I took it off. Does it mater which why the rotor goes back on?