Ig. mod and sensor testing...'93 spt

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  1. Sporty d

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    ...just looking for some backup on testing sensor and mod...

    Since the sensor sends "pulses" which don't get picked up by my dig. multimeter,should juice flow when key is simply in the "on" position...

    I'm trying to figure out which is bad...the sensor or the mod.....I don't want to drop 240 bucks on a mod. just to find out it's the sensor.

    ....no spark and EVERYTHING ELSE in the ignition system has been tested and works....key switch,kill switch,batt.,new plugs,new plug wireswires,coil....plus,entire ig. system wires have been checked for shorts.

    ...wires to coil are dead( from mod.),with key in "on" position)
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    One of the best tools you can get is a factory service manual!
    I don't recall the particulars but the manual has a series of tests that be conducted with a volt meter to help you find the faulty part.