If you were selling your scooter........

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  1. Whiterook

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    I am in the process of selling my Sportster and wondered your thoughts on this; If a stranger was intereested in buying your scooter and asked if he or she could take a little test ride would you let them? Is there a normally accepted rule with biker owners about this?
  2. glider

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    Only after you have the cash in hand. Suppose they drop it?

    I've sold many bikes and it's understood that it's a personal thing and you don't know their experience levels. Cash in hand then take it for a ride.
  3. Gas Gauge

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    cash and motorcycle rating on license (both in hand while gone)
  4. martin14

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    wouldnt buy a used bike without a test ride.

    First, evaluate the guy coming, make sure you have a serious buyer.
    Have seen many ads with ' no test pilots '.

    Second, have a friend or second vehicle around to go along with him.
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  5. ksboy

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    Great question. I have sold a number of motorcycles and only one person asked to ride first. The bike had full coverage, the kid had a valid motorcycle license and guaranteed me he'd pay for it if he went down (yes, I asked). All went well, but I was second guessing myself the whole time he was gone. I knew he wasn't going to take it since I had his truck that was probably worth more.
    If it were to happen again, I would make sure they had a valid motorcycle license (as before) but would also make a call to my insurance carrier. If your insurance would not cover it, I would ask for their proof of insurance and would consider calling their company myself. Anybody seriously interested wouldn't mind the extra hoop. How's that 'ol saying go, "an ounce of prevention"...
  6. glider

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    How do you know it WAS his truck and not stolen from the next block :s
  7. Blue Wide Glide

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    I have sold a few, and only with cash in hand is the rule. There are too many things that can go wrong! It is still in your name, and technically you are responsible for all expenses incurred.
  8. Dr. Dolittle

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    No demo rides on my bike. That's what dealerships are for - demo's and rentals. In my case, if they don't know how a Street Glide handles and rides, they shouldn't be buying one yet. Like RichardS said, I'll ride it around for them. Even take the chance of a certain "label" and let them ride on the pillion if they want. Maybe give them a 24 hour period to decide after the money exchanges hands. After that it's their bike.
  9. fin_676

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    The last 2 bikes i sold the buyer asked for a test ride they left their car keys and money with me and i hopped on one of the other bikes and went with them

    worked for me both times

    did the deal for the Dyna over the phone after seeing it on the INTERNET and did get the chance to test before handing over the rest of the money
    Id had a long trek to get there (the wife wanted it)

  10. Davidw2415

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    Several years ago friend of mine listed his Kawasaki in the paper. He got a call from a guy wanting to come by and look at it He showed up in a fairly new truck , talks to my buddy about the bike then says he would leave the truck along with the keys if he could take the bike for a test ride. Well my friend agreed and after the guy was gone for about a half an hour my friend decided maybe he should call the police. Turned out the truck had been stolen from someone in another state when the guy asked to take it for a test drive and left a car stolen from another state with the guy that was selling the truck. Guess he must have been taking a cross country trip courtesy of others.