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    After being on the highway for a while, I have a problem with my bike stalling, been on 2 different dynos and is tuned right, no codes, no Harley mechanic can figure out why, anyone have this problem and got it fixed, or got an idea.

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    Being as it appears to be thermal, I would think electrical rather than carburetion (fueling) other than possibly running out of gas...! Have you tried turning the fuel petcock to reserve or prime if equipped, trying to start and idle immediately after it dies just to be sure? Sounds like you will have to limp home and start troubleshooting looking for electro-mechanical problems first, then with a heatgun (do not "melt" anything) last.

    For EFI system you may want to look at electrical connections and wiring for cut or damaged insulation, signs of faulty connections, discolored or damaged contacts. Check fuses block fuse contacts for corrosion, and make sure that fuel filter in tank and hoses hidden from view are not leakng, the fuel pump and relay "stir", after engine dies when you try to restart.

    If fueling is assured look at the Crank Position Sensor (CPK), Ignition Coil & Wiring, Throttle Position Sensor (TPS), Iginition Control Module (ICM) and finally Electronic Control Module (ECM) in that order (this is based on how I was dealing with my carbed Sporty intermittant problem). JMO
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    Is it stalling at speed or when you come to a stop?
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    Other possibilities would be an intake seal leaking orthe Intake air control (IAC) needing cleaning.
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    Stalls when I come to stop. No seals are leaking, the have all been replaced. So, called the dealer today, talked to sales manager because the service manager is a jerk, the sales manager rode it and it stalled on him a few times, wow, all the mechanics and the service manager rode it and it would not stall for them, so they had a meeting with the General Manager of the store, who was not happy that his service dept. left a bike out of their shop that did this. So they had me leave it and I guess they are gonna go completely through the bike. What a pain in the butt this bike has been thus far. So, the general manager is going to ride my bike tomorrow, and they said it will be fixed when I get it back, but I have heard that before.