I went to a Ceremony for a Hero Today in Georgia @ Exit #3

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  1. Jack Klarich

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    Read here, I met his father Karl @ Compassionate Friends, What an honor to be invited to the celebration
    Exit 6 in Kingsland Ga will now have a Plaque on the road in honor of his sons service


    This ceremony took place @ Exit 3 Kings land Ga Welcome Center, 2nd floor . The Mayor read a speech, The color guard started the ceremony with the Pledge of Allegiance. Karl accepted the mini sign, said a short speech, The city is putting a pave stone also in the park in his honor RIP TRE
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  2. jamesearl

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    sounds like they got him an extra year,anyway.Such a shame,so young.
  3. Jack Klarich

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    The Miami U did an extraordinary deal for Walter Reid, they were able to attatch to his liver so his shot pancreas would work again
    He could not take the pain and rejection from his sons mother they were not married, you can guess what happened next
    Very sad outcome, tho he deserves the honor IMO Karl is a good friend with a sad story similar to mine
    I am glad I was invited to the ceremony