I made the plunge - TFI Gen 3 on the way . . .

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by markfsanderson, Aug 31, 2012.

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    I guess I might be doing it backwards compared to other folks, but my first 'performance' gear the TFI GEN III tuner. With the 50.00 discount and the promise of some consideration towards a GEN 4 (but no set amount), I made the leap. I'm looking forward to a cooler running engine that I can now start to add performance A/C and pipes onto . . . Very nice folks there @ TFI Land . . . hopefully my install will go smooth . . .
    I've done some research and will be purchasing my A/C unit from Dewey's Pegs . . . He's got some nice looking stuff for sure . . . The pipes are a different matter . . . I like the tapered look of the stock pipes, but I'd like more oomph and a bit more aggressive sound at speed . . . but a 'good citizen' sound at idle or neighborhood speeds . . . I'll be putting up some questions about pipes in the near future - I'll need some help on that decision for sure.

    Mark - Thanks! :newsmile026:
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    you wont be disapointed with the TFI....I've done it to two bikes now, and it is by far the best "bang for the buck" you can do.(both of mine were an older generation).Runs better, cooler, and you can talk to Chris directly if you have any questions....and there is plenty of help here. i will say one thing, get the tank out of the way for the install. i just remove the front and rear mounts and stuff a 2 x 4 in there....gives just enough room for my paws to deal with the injector connections. Pipes....thats a whole nother game....
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    Ya done good Mark, looks like the Forum has paid off for you:s Now for the pipes, stop by your dealer and have a look at the bikes like yours they have already swapped out the pipes and fire em up, check you tube for sound bites also. If you want loud and cheap check out Cycle Shack pipes
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    Love my GEN3 & its predecessor (TFI). Dobeck makes great tuners & they're super easy to install/set. Unless you're the "Small Hands" BK commercial guy - recommend you remove the gas tank for getting to the injector clips. Darn...you might just have to take a ride to get your tank close to empty...blame the upgrade. :s