i knew i heard a rattle

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  1. titan307

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    after i got the bike home after work this morning i heard a strange rattling, i looked and listened but couldnt find it so i said i would look some more after i get some sleep. well i open the tour pak to get my stuff out and i thought it was going to fall off in my hand. looked underneath and thats what i found a clean break almost looks sawed in two.
    anyone else had this happen?
    went in got a couple hours sleep (hard to sleep when you got something like this on your mind) and then took it off. now i will take it back to work with me and heliarc it back together

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  2. Iceman24

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    WOW...good catch! Looks like the one side was snapped for awhile (rust). At least she's fixable...guessing 8-yrs of bumps & vibrating just took its toll.
  3. Lawdog314

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    That could have been bad and expen$$ive!!! I guess one good thing about putting the bike into hibernation every year is you can slowly pull it apart and check areas you just don't get to see. Friends and family think I'm OCD, but caught many a loose bolt or sketchy part over the years.

    Glad this worked out for you! Happy trails!
  4. bkbangert

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    Same issue @ 40k. I have overloaded it several times. Replaced the bracket with one from j&p that moved the pack, two inches back (more room 4 honey)
  5. titan307

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    yes i am in the process of making a plate to move mine back. may just leave it off for a while. I am looking for a passenger backrest, dont need the quick disconnect kind as i dont see me having to take it off and on that much but if the cost is about the same i guess i will.