I have a 2007 Road Glide...

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    I really want to give this bike more attitude and comfort. (I'm 6'1")

    ***I'm looking into a new, louder exhaust (I don't want to give up any performance though!)
    ***I need a new windshield that will actually protect without making the bike look more sedate.
    ***I REALLY need new handlebars that would come back further than stock...I would like a set of comfortable apehangers. But they must allow me to turn the handlebars all the way left (fixed fairing) to lock the steering.
    ***And I need a seat that will push me back but NOT any further down.

    Suggestions please?

    Here it is...
    Flickr Photo Download: Click on pic...then click ALL SIZES
    Flickr Photo Download: Click on pic...then click ALL SIZES
    Flickr Photo Download: Click on pic...then click ALL SIZES
    Flickr Photo Download: THE GLIDE - 12_2
    Flickr Photo Download: THE GLIDE - 2
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    You may want to check out the FLHR Heritage Style handlebars HD part #56902-08 , I have them on my RG & I like them alot . I have a Klockwerks 12inch windshield which performs great for me , but a windshields are like seats it all depend on the rider . I have Vance & Hines true duels & I love the looks & sound , some people dont like a true duel because it is said that they take away some performance , but I never noticed it ! What I like about the true duel system is that it takes away alot of heat from your right leg because the rear cylinder exhaust pipe is routed to the left side of the bike .
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    If your looking for sound and performance , check in to the LSR 2-1 by RB Racing , sound is like no other ,performance is top notch, quality and fittmnet is excellent , but they lack in turn around it takes at least 4 weeks to get one built ,they do not mass produce and the owner lacks good sales skills , I dont reccomend if your in a rush to put somthing on,but if time is not a factor and you want a pipe that is uniuqe and performs ,then check them out.
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    Im waiting for my 09 RG, but have been researching windshields and im going with a Clearview and also a Cee Bailey windshield. The Clearview is well talked about for quality and how it performs. Same with the Cee Bailey but is a sportier looking shield and better than the Klockwerks from everything i have read.:D
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    gettin the rite windshield to fit is the hardest thing to do ,it always takes me 2 windshields before I find the rite one, when the victory vission came out ,I test rode one ,and I spent most of the test ride foolen around with the power winshield up down up down like a kid in a candystore,Man why cant someone make one of these units for HDs they are great.
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    Smitty, I am intrigued by the thoughts and your pix of your '07 RG, mine is pewter color. You mention a different Heritage set of bars is needed for '07, would you happen to know which # it is? And you say that the stock cables and hoses reach OK? Also of interest is the horn idea you mentioned, anything more on that. I did the Stebel mini air horn conversion, a good idea but not a great idea, on mine. Though much better than the job I did with hiding the full size air horns for my wife's bike. Thanx.