I hate traveling....


As some of you know, I had to travel up north (New Jersey) to visit my family for the holidays. I do it every year about this time. The plan was to fly out Friday, spend the weekend there, and fly back really late Sunday. So, Thursday night, I finish my packing, proud that I was able to fit all the gifts into my two small suitcases. I thought I would go online to double check my departure time, so I know what time to set my alarm for. When I log into the AA website, it says I have no reservations. Ok, so maybe they remove them the day of your travel, I think. I retrieve my trip locater code from an email, plug it in and it says my itinerary was canceled! :shock ***??? Obviously concerned at this point, I call the airline. Here's how the conversation went.

The poor person on the phone (PPP): Thank you for calling American Airlines, how can I help you?"

(ME): Why in the hell was my ticket canceled?

(PPP): Well, sir, that usually happens when a customer misses his originating flight.

(ME): How could I miss my flight, it was for tomorrow, and you guys canceled it before I could miss it?

(PPP): Well, sir, the date on the reservation is the 20th, and Friday is the 21st.

(ME): Well, somebody screwed up when I made this reservation. They must have put in the wrong day!

(PPP): Sir, you made this reservation on-line.

(ME): So?

(PPP): Well, sir, after the user has completed his request, reviewed the dates and times and purchases the tickets, we send confirming emails that list the date of travel for you to review. There is no interaction by an AA employee.

(Pausing, finally realizing I am at fault)

(ME): So, what you're saying is I'm the dumb-ass that screwed it up?

(PPP): Well, sir, I didn't say that.

(ME): Well, you didn't have to. But you can....go ahead, call me a dumbass.

(PPP): Sir, I can't do that. These calls are recorded.

(ME): Who cares, when have you ever had the opportunity to call a dumbass customer a dumbass? Just go ahead and say it.

(PPP): Ok, sir, your a dumbass.

(ME): What? Let me speak to your supervisor!

They waived the $100 change fee, and put me on a later flight Friday. :bigsmiley20:
txhawg, that was very funny. I had a mate here, who when pulled over by the cops and realising the traffic police here are all "wired" , kepted on repeating, " stop kissing me officer, stop kissing me officer!" Even the cop was laughing, and didn't fine him for being over the speed limit by 10 klms!