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    This morning I noticed my right front turn signal running light was out , so I popped off the lens , took the old bulb out and put in the new one . I wasn't sure if it was in all the way so I took it back out and pushed and turned putting it back in and I popped the bulb with my thumb and finger . I was surprised to say the least , I thought the glass was a little thicker then that . I've replaced many bulbs in different car and suv's over the years and never had one break in my fingers , LOL . So never say never . BTW I didn't cut myself that was the 1st thing I looked at before removing and replacing the broken bulb .
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    Wow. You are lucky. I have had that happen to me and bulb broke. OUCH! I try to always use a rag or rubber glove when inserting bulbs, you never know what the oil from fingers will do...
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    I've got the grayed lenses, so I use colored bulbs. I only mention that, because the Kuryakyn bulbs, sold at the local dealer, do not seat and rotate in the socket, without filing off some of the lead (or whatever soft metal) that is used to tip the electrodes on the bulb. Real opportunity for snapping the glass with those...

    Rich P
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    Auto store bulbs 1157 is the clear bulb and 1157A (amber)for smoked lenses.
    No sense ordering or driving into town just to grab a bulb from the dealers.

    Persoanlly thinking LED for the signal lamps. :newsmile011:
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    Always a good idea to wear gloves when changing, protects the digits and keeps body oil off the biulb, especially important for high intensity lamps. Made the same mistake when I was just a pleeb...ouch!