Hyannis, MA area, week of July 2-9

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    The better half and I will be vacationing in the Hyannis area for a week and will have the Deuce along. Looking for ideas for nice rides, interesting things to do or see, maybe meet some HDTALKING folks...
    We're just easy living folks and are looking to enjoy the wonderful life we have. We don't need to go to expensive restaurants and all that... just wanna have a little fun along lifes way!:newsmile036:
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    Put the bike on the ferry to Nantucket and ride around the island! Those old money folks over there would just love to have a Harley riding around the island! :D I'm just kidding.....you would be fine riding on Nanucket but it is a big money area. If it were me and had the time I would ride down to Newport Rhode Island for a short day trip......ride the roads along the beaches.....long windy sweepers and beautiful scenery down there. If I had a bery long day to spend I would head north to the Kankamougus Highway which runs west our of Conway NH. It will take you about 4 - 5 hours just to get there from the cape though. Then about an hour to run accross the scenic byway......best scenery in New England and a great road to ride on the harley.....switchbacks and hair pin turns while climbing the white mountains! But if you are not from New England you can't come al this way on a bike and not ride the kank!!!! It would be a VERY long day though to go from Hyannis up there and back and if you do....do it mid week not on the weekend due to traffic.