HTCC CNC poirted engine max speed

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by mchiti1, Aug 6, 2015.

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    in my 2000 FXSTD deuce (88 Twin Cam B )i have this engine:

    ENGINE: SE 1550 HTCC big bore PRO(16546-99), HTCC CNC ported heads(16925-02A) with hi-compression forged pistons (22439-00A), MIKUNI flatside 45 SE Pro(28040-02), selectable map SE PRO ignitjon system(32704-01), SE-257 cams(25155-00), V&H exhausts ,reinforced clutch spring(37951-98), Kuryakyn intake, Doherty power vents.Raer Wheel Torque (Lb/Ft) = 112 at 4500 rpm - Rear Wheel HP = 118 at 6500 rpm

    considering that in the fifth gear at full speed the RPM limiter intervenes of the electronic control unit, in your opinion which could be maximum speed of my bike?
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    Depends on the gearing at this point. You probably have enough hp to overcome drag. My 06 made 150 on the dyno but I'll never see that on the street.
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    If you Google search "harley top speed calculator" you will find several sites that you can enter your bikes data into and find speed at rpm. I just did a quick search for 130/90 tire, 5 speed, 3.21 ratio, 6,200 rpm limit and got 138mph.