How will it pan out.

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    I was the RC on a Southern Crusers ride Sunday. We entered a curve and met a young man on an ATV traveling way too fast when he crossed over the centerline and ran a member off the road. He never stopped, left the scene. Our member did a great job of keeping the bike up until her floorboard hit the bank. She suffered a fractured humorus and the bike has light damage. The young man was found and arrested. How do you all think this will pan out to the public. Good ol' boy trying to have some fun or careless motorcycle gang ends up in an accident.

    I'll update as it progresses.

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    we all know its not legal to have a ATV on the letts see hez racked up about 5 charges i can think of...i'm sorry your friend got a broken bone..where is the humorus bone?
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    Sorry to hear about this Joe!!

    The humerus (ME from Latin humerus, umerus upper arm, shoulder; Gothic ams shoulder, Greek ōmos) is a long bone in the arm or forelimb that runs from the shoulder to the elbow. Anatomically, it connects the scapula and the ulna.
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    Upper arm according to the Doc.

    Thanks T.
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    Directly from the news paper. Criminal charges were filed. Michelle is mending well at home.

    Illegal use of ATV causes accident

    Riding ATV on county roads can result in fine, impounding of vehicle

    By Jeremy Pittari
    Item Staff Writer

    PICAYUNE — Riding a four-wheeler on county roads is illegal and can cause accidents.

    One such incident sent one woman to the hospital Sunday when an ATV crossed into her lane as she was riding her motorcycle. That county resident riding his ATV illegally on county roads forced her off the road. Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department Capt. Kelvin Stanford said the accident took place Sunday at about 1:24 p.m. on McNeill Henleyfield Road.

    At that time county resident Bryan King, 23, of 266 Joe Smith Rd., Carriere, was riding his 2007 Honda TRX four-wheeler west bound on the county road just as Michelle Redhawk, 55, of 12431 Crestwood Dr., Gulfport was riding her 2009 Yamaha motorcycle east bound.

    Redhawk told deputies that the ATV veered into her lane, forcing her to leave the road. When she left the road she was ejected from her motorcycle and suffered moderate injuries. Redhawk was transported by ambulance to Highland Community Hospital.

    King fled the scene of the accident but was later found and charged with leaving the scene of an accident involving injuries and improper equipment (riding an ATV on a county road), Stanford said. King’s ATV was towed and impounded.

    Stanford said riding an ATV on county roads is illegal and the Sheriff’s Department is committed to enforcing that law. They can and will cite riders and tow their ATV, forcing them to pay a fee to recover it.