How to title a custom bike

Discussion in 'South East' started by bbarbee, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. bbarbee

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    I'm building a softail from the ground up. My first and prolly the last! What hoops am I going to have to jump through to get this thing titled at the DMV. I'm hearing it is a long, drown out and pain in the butt. Any thing I should know would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Check with your local DMV. In most cases you are required to have all reciepts , certificates of origin for frame , engine , tranny etc. Happy building and good luck
  3. rick.s

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    I'm having the same thing I'm dealing with ,for starters you need to have a bill of sale for the engine trans and the mso for the frame with a bill of sale. I tried to get a vin for mine and have everything but the bill of sale for the frame it has to be from the person or shop thats on the front of the mso thats not the frame maker but the one who bought the frame from the builder like I have a daytec frame sold to vin-ez and dont have a bill of sale from him when I called to ask if I could get some help as it turns out its another shop same number and vin-ez passed away so now I'm stuck goint to the court house paying 135 to write my own letter explaining the problem so they can give me the paper needed for the mva to give me a vin.So make sure you have all of this if so its not that bad they just look at your papers and run the numbers and you should be fine
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    The suggestions to check with your local DMV are good one's. Every state is different. With some states, if you are dealing with an antique, you just need a serial number from and engine case, etc, to register as an antique. Others, if you have a registration or bill of sale, it's no problem, Here in the Garden State that is not the case. Unless you have a bill of sale or an old registration, the bike is considered to be a reconstruction. I spent some time on this since I am in the process of putting together a WL from parts. Basically, without any of the aforementioned documents, I need to list all of the parts and their cost and from there the bike will be titled as a 2013 (or whatever year I finish) reconstruction title. Good luck
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    GO to your local custom bike shop they have gone thru that many of times. I bought one of a custom bike builder in TX once and he gave me all the paperwork I need to get it titled. In Texas you need to take or call the sheriff dept. to run a check on all the vin numbers to make sure the engine or frame is not stolen. Also since the motor was a crate HD engine it was titled as a Harley.