how to fix leaking shift shaft

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    Just got my first Harley, 07 FXDL and the shifter is leaking oil on the chrome exterior engine/trans cover. There is oil film from the bottom of the shift shaft going straight down the chrome cover towards the foot peg bracket. I believe it is called the outer primary cover? (I'm also new to the Harley terminology) I am very mechancially inclined so I am pretty sure I can fix it but would like some solid advice first.

    How do I replace this seal?

    Is there a good shop manual for this engine/bike?

    thanks in advance,
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    Think you need the seal named 148 in the diagram not sure the p/n

    and # 83 in the outer primary

    woops that looks like a drain plug gasket

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    Get a copy of both the Harley Davidson Service Manual and Also the HD Parts Manual. They will be your best friend when you start to turn the wrenches. Easy fix my friend... :p
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    there is a gasket between the inner and outer primary around the shift shaft, that will need replacing. they dont clamp very well and if you fit forward controls the gasket can walk out of place and leak.
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    The PN on my '09 for that seal is 37101-84B hope that helps :D
  6. kemo

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    The best manuel for your bike is the original factory Harley book. Go to the dealer and buy one, it is the best money can buy.
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    just wondered if the bike has been on the side stand being reved for a limited time and the oil is coming from the breather pipe? Worth a look -- this happened to me 2 months ago
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    Pay attention to this post. There is probably a black "J" shaped piece of tubing coming off of a pipe nipple on the tranny cover which functions as a breather. This can blow a fine mist of tranny lube right where you are talking about. It will drive you crazy trying to fix other possible leaks until you figure out this is the culprit (ask me how I know!!).

    What I did was to get a couple of feet of tubing and route that up over the back side of the starter to "exhaust" below the bike on the right side where that other piece of hose exhausts (fuel overflow I think). This solved my oil leak on the left side between the inner primary and the tranny!!

    Check out p/n 96 and 102:

    TRANSMISSION HOUSING & OIL TANK - 2007 Harley Davidson Dyna Low Rider FXDL

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    have you had any feedback regarding this "oil leak" saw a wideglide being emmision tested yesterday same as mine on side stand sure enough after the tests concluded there was the tell tale pool of oil on the concrete under the primary cover.
    I am fitting an extra length of tubing to tranny breather pipe as per your recommendation today !
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    :42:I had this problem with the leaking shift shaft seal on my 01 WideGlide. Get yourself the manual from the Harley dealer for your bike. Just follow the directions. You will have to remove the primary cover after draing the fluid. Then take and loosen the primary chain tensioner and remove. Next, you will have to remove the clutch assembly and compensating sprocket along with the primary chain as an assembly. You should be able to do this with a breaker bar, if not, an impact gun will work. Just do not use impact for reassembly. Carefully follow torque specs in manual. Be careful as to the direction of the left handed threads. Us a breaker bar. Also, if you don't have a tool to lodge the chain and the gears to keep from turning, you could fabricate a piece of wood to do the job. Next you will have to remove the inner primary cover. (If you are into the chrome, now is the time to buy and install the chrome inner primary!) Next, remove the shifter from the shaft and pull the seal. It is a good idea to replace all the seals you have access to at this point. That way you will know everything in that area is new saving time and trouble later. Just be careful not to damage seals during reinstallation. Hope this helps. If you have any question, feel free to email me. :42: