How real are Dyno Drag machines

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    At Orlando HD they have the GEICO Dyno Drag truck set up and been watching guys run. Wonder how real the times and or how real the set up is v real world quarter mile.

    Watched 2 brothers race. one had v rod other had xr1200
    rod ran 10.9 and the xr ran a 11.9. The v rod was banging against rev limiter in High gear on every run. Can this bike actually accelerate to that point or was the Dyno not set up with enough resistance.
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    I have seen the Geico drag run set ups and have asked the operators about the dyno in use along with the software but I could not get any answers to my questions.

    I am almost positive the dyno Geico uses is an inertia system so the resistance can not be changed. So if the entire system is based on an inertia dyno and can not be loaded except through software, the results are only as accurate as the software of the system.