How Much Money Do You Have In accessories ??

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  1. ironmark

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    I just added up my receipts for my insurance co & it came up to:newsmile093: $$$4356.85 not including tax or labor or any engine work such as the 103 stage 2 & custom dyno mapp :D . I may be getting carried away but it is still worth every penny :bigsmiley12: Has anyone else added it all up ?
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    $800.00 alone in the last month :small3d015:

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    Probably don't want to hear this, but you have tied up in your bike twice, maybe three times that...why do I say this? You are including the hard "intangibles " insurance, license, registration, etc. but forgetting consumables like gas, oil, lube, brake fluid, cleaning supplies; performance mods like brakes, shocks, forks, steering/frame stiffeners; touring mods like bags, heated or layered clothing, jackets, boots, gloves, helmets, eye wear; comfort mods like saddles, sissy bar or tour box, windshield, IPOD tunes, GPS, Headset/Intercom; control mods like handlebars, foot and hand controls; dare I say *Bling* chrome trim, covers and fancy did I miss? :small3d038:

    Safest thing is don't ask or try to "recover" as the main reason for all this is the most intangible reason of all --SMILES PER MILE! Try to put a value on that! :panic
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  4. ironmark

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    I understand what you are saying & . I am just adding up what the insurance would cover .

    To begin with I am not trying to recover anything I am trying to make sure it is insured . Most of the things that you stated are the price of owning a MC , insurance licence & consumables & all riding gear is acceptable to anyone who rides . I am only talking about the items that the insuance CO will cover . I know that they will not cover my engine mods so I do not include the mods they will not cover labor they will not cover sales tax & I DID
    Not inclued any other BLING into my Accessories quote . The money price was the price of the parts only , no labor , no sales tax . By the way I did not include the Hog tunes with Amp & Tom -Tom GPS & mp3 player . I AM TALKING ABOUT ACCESSORIES ONLY ON THE BIKE .
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    I know what you are thinking , the only reason I checked was because I was looking @ changing INS co & they want a detailed list . If I went into the engine Mods & hog tune & gps I may be getting into the $7000 RANGE . MAYBE I should just :cheers and :D
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    I have no idea what I have spent on accessories.I have a file folder in the vehicle section of the cabinet at the shop titled "Harley". I keep every reciept there.I do know the file is getting very thick and every time I add to it my wife gives her head a little shake and I just smile!:D
  7. glider

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    Mine comes out to about $7K after the bike purchase.
  8. KingHeritage

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    I'm closing in on about $6k.As soon as I think I'm finished buying,I always seem to find something else to buy.
  9. bwalsh22

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    I'm still warming it up, thankfully Stage 1 was already done by the previous owner. My stuff has just been a few pieces here and there, new rims..Best guess right now I'm around 1500 (2 new rims, wide tire, new seat) Start adding in all the gear and stuff I aquired after I purchased the bike, plus all the things I had to buy my wife to make up for my bike purchases...well I won't go there. I just shell it out, put it in the file and try not to look back.
  10. threesteps

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    I must has spent at least $4000 but I really don't keep a close track. I've got a box with all the receipts but haven't added it up. Maybe I really don't want to know!:D