How Much Fluid on 2010 FLHT

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by vcataldo, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. vcataldo

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    I'm doing a service on my 2010 FLHT. Can anyone tell me how much I should use on transmission fluid, motor oil, and primary oil?

    Appreciate it!:newsmile071:
  2. Porter

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    I don't know but...If you are looking for a rough estimate to know how much to purchase:
    1.) Manual from Dealer
    2.) Manual from Dealer
    3.) Manual from Dealer
    4.) Oil filter wrench/socket (with cut out for the speed sensor)
    5.) Oil filter (make sure you get the correct one! I strongly suggest HD brand.)
    6.) Transmission fluid: 1 quart (My choice: Spector 6 speed)
    7.) Primary: 2 quarts (My choice: Formual+ or Spectro)
    8.) Oil: 4 quarts (My choice: Mobile 1)
    9.) Gaskets (3 o-rings and the primary cover gasket, you can purchase this as a kit or each individually. I get the "kit".)
    10.) Wrench for drain plugs (can't remember the size)
    11.) #27 torx tip for the screws on the primary cover (#25 will strip the heads, don't do it.)
    12.) Torque wrench if you are unfamiliar with how tight the plugs have to be, upon re-installation: Steel plugs vs. aluminum housing=stripped threads. All that is needed is compressing the o-ring. Continual over tightening of the plugs, gradually weakens the threads.

    For my FLHTCU the only thing I ever just "dump in" and it always hits the dipstick mark, is the transmission. I think the transmission must drain better or not have as much hold up volume, or both.

    For everthing else, I start "light" and work up to the marks (clutch basket for my primary and the dip stick for the engine oil.) Then I go for a short ride and then check everything again.

    Let me recommend the manual again!:D
  3. nfusion

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    its all in your manual
  4. dbmg

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    Excellent advice.
    #7) 2 are needed for you will use 38 oz. So some type of measuring cup is needed also..
  5. Dr. Dolittle

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    In addition to getting yourself a Service Manual (is there an echo in here? :D) looks like it's time to upgrade the "Ride" in your signature!
  6. glen073

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    Motor approx 4 qts, but check manual. Primary is now 38 oz. I dump a quart in primary and made a 6 oz measuring bottle for the rest. Tranny should be 1 qt.
  7. Gezzer Glide

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    I didn't know they made an FLHT in 2010....
  8. Iceman24

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    Engine should be ~3.5 qts
    Primary = 1 qt
    Tranny = little over 1 qt (get 2 qt & then ready for next change)

    Watch fill level on engine & tranny dipstick & primary's full when fluid's at the clutch basket.
  9. Jack Klarich

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    All the info you need is in your owners manual, I thought they discontinued the FLHT
  10. Slapp

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    They didn't, 09 was the last year for the FLHT, after that they all became FLHX the Street Glide. It was the first year of all the frame upgrades and the last year for the Electra Glide Standard.