How do you keep the ride safe when traveling overnight?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by SC-roadking, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. SC-roadking

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    With all the bikes that get ripped off, what do you guys do when you and the little lady stop for a room at night? At some of the hotels you can't even see the parking from your room. I guess you could call ahead to see what type of parking they have but that kind of takes the spur of the moment thing out of it. I like to ride and not worry where we end up at the end of the day. Santa Barbra, Carmel, Solving, San Diego, no pressure just fun. I feel more at ease knowing it’s in its place every night at home. It bothers me to leave it unprotected in some unknown city. Definitely affects my sleep. I guess times have changed and it’s not like it was 20 years ago. Just wondering because spring is here and summer is defiantly a great time to take some short trips up the Calf coast, Thanks
  2. cdn-bigfoot

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    Disk brake lock and HD alarm system.
    I also always try to park in view of the lobby or night desk.

    If I don't see safe parking I don't stay there!
  3. Dr. Dolittle

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    Park it in a well lit area, remove anything that's removeable, put on a disc lock, and try not to worry about it. That's why you insure it!
  4. captkirkis

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    All the hotels I've stayed at the staff has always offered to let me park it under there Awning/Entrance area so they can keep an eye on it. Or they give me a room where I can park right in front of the door! I've never had to ask, they have always offered..... That's my experiences and my 2 cents!!:newsmile100:
  5. Jim B.

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    Heavy duty disc lock, Smart Siren system w/pager, lock the forks, well-lit area, stout cable to stationary object or another bike, park in sight of the room or the front desk, remove any objects you can't easily replace on the road, and stay away from downtown areas. Stayed in a lot of different places on my 4,250 mile trip to Sturgis last year and the bike and I came back safely.
  6. Robert Walter

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    I've been looking for a post a couple of weeks ago cant'find it?? But a bought one from E-bay Xena XX6-Y Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock Alarm $ 69.95 & I'll tell ya you move my bike and all HECK breaks loose!!!!! My dogs wouldn't have anything to do with me for 3 hours!!! Put one on the rotor keep the bike pretty close keep a 38 beside ya!!!! you'll hear it...I also have HD alarm, fork lock & a 5' Chicago Chain,if I can I wrap it around a post . I sleep & carry a 38 E-Bay # 110495473768. THANKS TO WHOEVER POSTED THIS LOCK>>>>>I EVEN KEEP ON IN MY GARAGE!!!!

    DANNY MC Active Member

    Over here we have a bikers book which was put together by a well known bike newspaper,the book is called WELCOME,it is a guide to all hotels,bed&breakfasts,motels etc that offer secure parking for your ride,this might be in a garage or a carport behind locked gates etc,it might be at the rear of the property that sort of thing,they also tell you if they have drying rooms for your kit,this book covers all of the british isles,have used it often,good idea eh
  8. gusotto

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    I'm glad Harley has the security alarm. My bike can't be started without the FOB and the alarm will sound if messed with.
    Had a large decal with big red letters placed on my fuel tank door made that states
    "Alarm and Security Equipped, Bike won't Start, Loud Alarm Will Sound, Owner May Be Armed, Leave It Alone".
    Seems to work fine. Never bothered during my trip from Iowa to California.

    Also placing a bike cover with a lock on it makes it extra work to mess with the bike.
  9. wagsrk08

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    First I try to find a hotel where I can park right up to my door. I remove windshield, saddlebags, lock steering, attach disk brake lock then go to bed. Luckily never no problems.
  10. edsahara

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    Someone once suggested that a motorcycle cover with "Honda" printed on it might keep your H-D from being stolen. The one I use has no name on it.