How do you handle travel expenses ?

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    It’s starting to warm up and I am sure many of us are looking forward to getting away. When my wife and I travel by motorcycle we have found a way to eliminate almost all complaining about where we stay and eat. When we first met we took two Western trips each a month long to see the national parks and needed to resolve some conflict that manifested itself early on.
    We both make about the same amount and so we alternate days. For example if it’s my day then I pay for everything. She never touches her wallet. It costs me twice as much but I get to make all the decisions and she is not allowed to complain about anything but is free to just relax and enjoy the ride.
    However tomorrow is her day and she pays for everything but I can’t complain about anything. It’s a simple solution that works for us anyway. I especially like the days when It doesn’t me cost anything - Bob :D
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    We don't maintain seperate personal accounts. Just put it all in one pot and go till it is gone. Then return to work.
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    I think we just use the way that whoever is closest to the till pays
    when we stop for petrol then i always pay as she always stays on her bike but if booking into a hotel she is by far the better negotiator and she always gets a big discount ( she is in the travel buisiness ) but then im usually first to the bar

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    When I was young, it was barmaid to barnaid, they paid and I slept in a lot of trailer parks, been married 30 years now and have always been a little old fashion, it's the women that stays home and takes care of the house and it's my job to make sure the bills are paid. I believed if a man can't support his family, he's not much of a man. So I always pay and it's always cash.
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    I like this, I been married 31 years and wish my wife didnt have to work, but now she is going back to school to get her B A so she can move up the ladder at the Mayo Clinic. I feel kind of bad that in todays economy I cant afford to have her stay at home, Jack

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    I was married for 25 years the first time and still would be if she didn't leave me and our 4 children for someone else. She never worked until the kids were all in their teens and then only so she could pursue her hobbies. My new wife was burned by her ex in a similar fashion and will never completely trust her economic future to anyone including myself. If I had to suffer for 25 years to meet her then it’s been worth it. I hope this helps to explain our unique financial arrangement.
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    Bob; We do things (all things financial) close to what you described. I think you and I will be in the minority on this subject. This is my 3rd and her 2nd marriage. We agreed early on, finances would be separate and equal. I'm a saver, she's a spender. Not one word of financial disagreement between us in 15 years. Probably won't work for many, but it does for us. :newsmile092:

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    Like others, been with my gal for quite a number of years and so we save together and handle all expenses from pooled cash and cards.

    It is after all travel for pleasure, don't want to let expenses interfere with purpose of why you are out and about.

    Enjoy and don't sweat the small stuff as the saying are for the mind to decompress.
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    Have been married to the same woman for the past 35 years with the usual ups and downs. Everything has always been put into one account. The person who pays on a trip is whoever is closest to the cashier or can get their cash or debit card out first. We have similar tastes when it comes to hotels, motels, etc. so no problems on the road.
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    No money issues here, we both work and have a single pot of money. So when we travel, we decide how much we want to spend and do what we like until it's over.

    Then we go back and work some more and repeat the process.

    The one who actually pays varies widely from the place where we are and what we feel comfortable with.