how do I get this off?

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    Hey all!
    attached is a pic of the o-ring i need to replace. question is how do i get it out? do i have to in through the transmission cover?

    thanks for all the help


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  2. TQuentin1

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    A good way is to do it is to drill a small pilot hole on opposing sides and then thread in some sheet metal screws a couple of threads. Alternate pulling on each screw to "walk" the seal out. Clean out the area carefully before installing the new seal. Or here is a cooler way - check about half to 2/3 down the pix in here:

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    As TQ said a small pilot hole in the metal part of the seal then as we call it here a self tapping screw i then being a bit on the rough side use the claw end of a crow bar or claw hammer under the head of the screw with a piece of wood against the gearbox to lever on and the seals just pop out

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    T Q and Fin have you covered here, If you have a slide hammer you could use the screw and the slide hammer to pop it out, you may also try a pin punch and crush it towards the center, it will pop out then also
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    like always, you guys are the best! thanks for the ideas. I have to wait until tomorrow to continue on the bike. I will let you know how it all works out.


    Well I finally got it all back together and tested the bike out and it runs sweet!
    I will post pictures next

    ok so, the reason I had to take all of the primary and clutch off was to get at the leaking seal, but I also replaced a scratched up inner primary cover at the same time.

    DSC08460.jpg picture by marcus8705 - Photobucket

    and here is the new one on the bike:

    DSC08487.jpg picture by marcus8705 - Photobucket

    and here is how I got the leaking oil seal off:

    DSC08473.jpg picture by marcus8705 - Photobucket
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    :s Good job, great pictures:s