HOT! oil tank and small crack in rt case

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    I recently had a 80 evo borred and stroked. got the 500 miles on it with only a couple gaskets goin. Now the problem is, it seems to be getting mad hot! which I know Harleys do but the oil tank is a about as hot as the exhaust on short rides. The oil shouldn't be boiling like that should it? Plus it is wicked hot weather these days.

    The oil filter is hooked up to the charging system. Two wires to the primary and one that goes all the way to the back. Whats that wire for anyways. Should it be on the positive terminal of the battery cause thats were I put it??

    Its goin for a big cruise in a couple days and I just want to make sure it's gonna be alright!
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    I have a '91 Dyna. It is standard 80 ci, but boring and stroking your EVO should NOT have changed how it operates.

    I have NO idea what you are talking about with respect to "oil filter is hooked up to the charging system". Do you think you could be referring to the voltage regulator that is the approx. 3"x4" plastic finned block mounted on the front of the frame down tubes? It has two wires that go to the yellow rubber plug at the left side front of the engine (to the stator), and two wires that run back to the area under the seat. These wires do NOT hook up DIRECTLY to the battery terminals.

    I strongly suggest that you go over to your nearest HD dealer and buy the factory service manual for your bike.

    Your engine oil temperature should NOT be getting as hot as you describe. Even in stop and go when you are mostly stopped, you should be worried if your engine oil is approaching 270 degF. Over 300, and your oil is breaking down fast and NOT protecting your engine very much. You need to get that checked out right away. Something is very wrong. Glider posted a chart somewhere on the impact of temperature on oil. Will try and find that and add it here.

    See this: Oil Temp - Harley Davidson Community post #8 by Glider

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    I curious... Just how many gaskets are "going"? Are they leaking?? If they are leaking you may have ridden it too hard during break-in, or you are not letting it warm up before riding it hard.

    Did you change the break in oil? Do you have an aftermarket oil filter system that mounts to the voltage regulator bracket? Is that what you mean by "The oil filter is hooked up to the charging system."?

    What type of frame is it? What type of oil tank? Where is it located? Is the oil actually boiling? Do you know what temperature the oil is?

    Give us more info. We will need that to help you TS the problem. You description is kinda vague....