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Discussion in 'Oil' started by Bilgeslop, Aug 1, 2011.

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    Hello, anybody seen this before?
    My '09 Streetbob sits a lot due to medical problems(mine, not the bike's). I just had the fluids changed because of the time interval, not the mileage. The bike has always run hot, at least to me, so I asked the dealer to put in straight 60wt dino instead of the syn3 as this has always been a winning combination for all my carbureated bikes. I took a nice ride yesterday and the bike performed well, got a little warm toward the end of the ride and backfired a little, so I just figured it was a wash and I saved some $$$ on the fluid change. Today, I ride the bike to work and back(about 45 miles) It bakfires when I start it, sounds like I have some predetonation, and the gas mileage is BAD. The only thing that has changed is the oil.The book says I can run 60wt in ambient temps above 80 and the only time it gets below 80 in July in South Florida is at 3 in the morning during a nice rain. I'm just about ready to drop the dead dinosaurs and put a full synthetic in, but I'm finding it hard to believe an oil change is causing all this. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Sounds like a lean condition, do you have any warranty left? Check for intake leaks?
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    With the medical problem you discussed above, if you have left the bike for extended periods unridden, then I would look for water in the gas (condensation) or if long enough, varnish. You might try eyeballing in the tank to see if you can spot some water in the bottom of the tank. In any event, add some dry gas or Sea Foam to the tank for the next few fills and see if that helps. If there is too much water down in the bottom, you may have to drain and clean out the tank.

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    All 3 previous replies were spot on and you should investigate the lean tune scenario, but if you do let you bike sit some I would put a little fuel stabilizer in there with each fillup.

    I would definitely go with a FULL synthetic. It's just a better lubricant and has been proven to run cooler than a mix oil.
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    Thanks guys. The gas was only a week old, no water in the tank that I can see, but I did ride home in the rain yesterday. Intake seals are good. I'm running a Supertrapp 2 into 1 with a SE high flow air cleaner. I'm beginning to wonder if it's time to revisit the tuning, too.