Hot Biscuits and Gravy in Benson, AZ

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    Today, I was invited for an early morning ride with a group of Gold Wingers for a breakfast run to the Horseshoe Cafe in Benson, AZ. They are a great bunch of fellows, and ladies, who ride mostly Goldwing’s and Goldwing Trikes. Pretty fancy machines! There were other bikes, such as Victories’; some others I may not have noticed, and of course, me and the Fatboy. The menu was full, to include hot biscuits and gravy, a favorite of mine. Although a hot, windy day, it was tempered by good food and good company for a few hours. Most all riders were at least my age, and some perhaps older, many were military veterans, and all seemed to enjoy riding. One joked; we should call this bunch, “We Ride to Eat”. Most of the ‘Wings’ are equipped with intercom and radio equipment, and the lead rider communicates with the last bike in formation. My Fatboy, of course, has none of that, just me, the wind, and the muffler’s serenade. On the way home, for a circular route, we detoured by way of St David’s, and Tombstone. Following a gas stop, before home, I checked the Fatboy’s mileage, and was pleased to see a pretty consistent 43 MPG. What I wasn’t so pleased to see was the price of premium gasoline, but that’s simply a cost of being able to enjoy a day’s ride in and around sunny southern Arizona. For those of you who may be experiencing less than ideal riding weather (I hope not many), my heartfelt apologies.
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    You are just on a roll capturing your rides. Nicely done!
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    biscuts and gravy ummmmm my fav.
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    Any excuse for a ride right? Good Story!:D
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    Keep the stories comin, Biscuits and gravy 1 of my favorites, how bout some pictures:s
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    Welcome to the Family,enjoy your Ride
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    Biscuits and gravy and a good ride with friends. Doesn't get much better than that. Thanks for sharing.